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Latvian Genome Centre


Latvian Genome centre (LGC) is a structural unit, that forms and maintains Latvian Genome Data Base and other biobanks. Additionally, it functions as genotyping and sequencing laboratory providing wide range of molecular biology methods for identification and research of different disease biomarkers.

Biobank maintenance

LGC provides maintenance of several biobanks:  Latvian Genome Data Base and data collections of monogenic diseases, juvenile arthritis, cleft palate /cleft lip palate and heart disease patients form Latvian Cardiac centre.

Genotyping and sequencing laboratory

Genotyping and sequencing laboratory of LGC performs different genetic tests, both by offering technical service to research projects and by carrying out detection of gene alterations for interested individuals


Jānis Kloviņš , Dr. biol., Prof.

Head of the Scientific Council
Phone: +37167808003
E-mail: klovins@biomed.lu.lv


Scientific staff

Dāvids Fridmanis , Dr. biol.

Deputy Director for Scientific Infrastructure/ Senior researcher
Phone: +371 67808200
E-mail: davids@biomed.lu.lv

Vita Rovīte , Dr. biol.

Phone: +371 67808200
E-mail: vita.rovite@biomed.lu.lv

Ivo Kāpa , MSc. biol.

Phone: +371 67808200
E-mail: ivo@biomed.lu.lv

Kristīne Vīksne

Laboratory technitian
Phone: +371 67808200
E-mail: kristine.viksne@biomed.lu.lv

Dita Gudrā , MSc. biol.

Scientific assistant
Phone: +371 67473083
E-mail: dita.gudra@biomed.lu.lv

Rolands Ciematnieks

Data operator
Phone: +371 67808200
E-mail: rolands@biomed.lu.lv

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