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Genome Database of Latvian Population


Genome Database of Latvian population (LGDB) is a national biobank that gathers, maintains and process health information data and genetic material collection of Latvian population, that serves for research, prophylaxis and therapeutic purposes.

LGDB is formed by structural subunit of Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre – Genome Centre. The data base collects genotype and phenotype information from volunteers as well as attained biologic material (DNA, serum, plasma, etc) isolated from blood.

At the moment LGDB recruits volunteer patients from several hospitals in Latvia who are over 18, as well as healthy volunteers in different age groups. To make successful research it is crucial to have large number of people having some definite disease and healthy people from the general population. Therefore, everyone can participate in formation of Genome database.

Description of LGDB design and sample collection: here


Biological material and data access policy:  

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Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre
Genome Centre
Ratsupites str. 1-k1
Riga, LV1067
Telephone: +371-67473083
Fax: +371-7442407
Email: vigdb@biomed.lu.lv

Genome centre participated in quality assesment sheme (Biospecimen Proficiency Testing) 2017/2018. year cycle, the obtained results testify the highest possible evaluation for DNA extraction from whole blood, the protocol are used for processing of samples for Genome Database of Latvian population. Certificate:   


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Mājas lapas izstrādi finansēja ERAF aktivitātes projekts Nr. 2010/0196/2DP/ "Latvijas biomedicīnas pētījumu integrācija Eiropas zinātnes telpā".