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Bioinformatics core facility

Bioinformatics unit comprises BMC’s researchers, with the most experience in computational data analysis. The current focus of the unit is on analysis of various Next generation sequencing and population wide genotyping data. However phylogenetic analyses and analysis of protein microarray data is also frequently being carried out. The mission of this unit is to provide support in big data analysis and disseminate all related knowledge not just to the researchers of BMC, but also to scientists’ from other Latvian research institutions.

Provided services:

  • Support and consultancy on bioinformatics procedures, methods and resources;
  • Technical assistance on installation of software;
  • Technical assistance on bioinformatics analyses.
  • Tutoring on simple programming tasks;
  • Full data analysis service within the scope of Research collaboration. The result of such joint research shall be published with joint authorship.


  • 1 unit of high performance computer: Processor cores: 16xi7, RAM: 64GB DDR4, HDD: 2TB, SSD: 120 GB.
  • 3 units of high performance computers: Processor cores: 8xi7, RAM: 32GB DDR4, HDD 2TB


Dāvids Fridmanis , Dr. biol.

Deputy Director for Scientific Infrastructure/ Senior researcher
Phone: +371 67808200


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