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Laboratory animal core facility

The Laboratory animal facility is a part of the Biomedical technology complex at BMC and it has been designed and built in collaboration with international experts with the aim to follow the standards for modern experimental animal facility.

The main area within the facility is specific pathogen free (SPF) and currently is the only in vivo experimental laboratory in Latvia corresponding these requirements. Within the SPF area of 180m2, there are several functionally and microbiologically isolated units – i.e., quarantine, separate animal holding rooms for mice, rats, immunologically deficient or compromised rodents, each having adjacently located procedure/surgery rooms. Within this area, rodents are maintained exclusively in individually ventilated cages (overall capacity >1000 IVCs) ensuring appropriate level of disinfection/sterilisation of food, bedding, enrichment, equipment etc. Outside the SPF area, there is a conventional open cage room for rodent housing and an adjacent procedure room.

The necessary level of biocontainment and bioexclusion within the facility is ensured by IVCs, pass-through autoclave, automated cage washer, air shower, BLS2 level laminar hoods and cage changing station, hydrogen peroxide vaporiser as well as specialised and HEPA filter controlled regulated ventilation system.

Responsible personnel:

Zane Kalniņa , Dr. biol.

Head of the Laboratory animal facility, senior researcher
Phone: +371 26112733


Dace Skrastiņa , Dr. biol.

Leading expert in Laboratory animal science, senior researcher
Phone: +371 25137484


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