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1.      Golmohammadi R., Fridborg K., Bundule M., Valegard K., Liljas L. The crystal  structure of  bacteriophage Qbeta at 3.3 A resolution. J.Mol.Biol.,  4, 543-554, 1996.  
2.      Kozlovska T.M., Cielens I., Vasiljeva I., Strelnikova A., Kazaks A., Dislers A.,  Dreilina D., Ose V., Gusars I., Pumpens P.  RNA phage Qbeta coat protein as a carrier  for foreign epitopes. Intervirology,  39, 9-15, 1996.  
3.      Loza V., Feldmane G.   Biomodulatory functions of the double - stranded ribonucleic acids.  Acta Medica Baltica,  V.3, Nr.1, 12-17, 1996.
4.      Loza V., Pilmane M., Bruvere R., Feldmane G., Ose V., Volrate A., Sundler F..  Double-stranded ribonucleic acids in cells during induced differentiation.  Acta Medica Baltica, 1, 22-30, 1996.
5.      Sauka E., Banders U., Svirska R., Kolupajeva T.  A simple immuno dot-blot assay for detection of antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus  type I and type II.  Acta Medica Baltica,  V.3, 1, 58-62, 1996.
6.      Steinbergs J., Kilchewska K., Jackevich L., Bichko V., Tsimanis A.  The structure of the variable region of monoclonal antibody 13D3 that recognizes a linear epitope spanning the C-terminus of hepatitis B e antigen.  Proc. Latvian Acad. Sci.,  V.50, Nr.2 (583), 9-12, 1996.
7.      Nikolajeva V., Eze D., Kamradze A., Indulena M., Muiznieks I.  Protective effect of adenylate deaminase (from Penicillium lanoso-viride) against acute infections in mice. Immunopharmacology. 35, 163 - 169, 1996.
8.      Schrempf  H., Blaak H.,Zeltins A., Fischer S., Schnellmann.J., The chitinolytic system of streptomycetes. Chitin enzymology, Vol. 2, 195-202, 1996.
9.      Borisova G., Borschukova O., Skrastina D., Mezule G., Dislers A., Petrovskis I., Ose V., Gusars I., Pumpens P., Grens E.  Display vectors. I. Hepatitis B core particle  as a display moiety. Proc. Latv.Acad.Sci., section B, vol. 51.,N1/2 (588-589), 1996.
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