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1.      Mandrika I., Baumanis V., Jansone I., Skangals A., Berzins V.  Development of  immunoenzymatic reactions of peptides using recombinant hybrid proteins.  Biochemistry-Moscow,  62,(2), 217-220, 1997.
2.      Borschukova O., Skrastina D., Dislers A., Petrovskis I., Ose V., Zamurujeva I., Borisova G. Modified hepatitis B core particles as possible vaccine carriers. Vaccines-97, 33-37, 1997.
3.      Avots A.,Hoffeyer A., Flory E., Cimanis A., Rapp U.R., Serfling E. GABP factors bind to a distal IL-2 enchancer and contibute to c-Raf mediated increse in IL-2 induction. Mol. Cel Biol. ,vol.17,N 8, 4381-4389, 1997.
4.      Kilchewska K., Jackevicha L., Steinbergs J., Gusars I., Sallberg M., Tsimanis A.  Monoclonal anti FosB antibody specific for pre-determined, non-structural region of the fosB protein. Hybridoma, ,vol.16.,N 3, 277-280, 1997.
5.      Klovins J., Tsareva N.A., de Smit M.H., Berzins V. and van Duin J.  Rapid evolution of translational control mechanisms in RNA genomes.  J.Mol.Biol.,vol.265, 372-384 , 1997.
6.      Steinbergs J., Kilchewska K., Lazdina U., Dishlers A, Ose V, Sallberg M.,  Tsimanis  A.  Short synthetic CDR-peptides forming the antibody combining site of the monoclonal antibody against RNA bacteriophage fr neutralize the phage activity.  Hum.Antib.Hybridomas,vol. 7,106-112, 1997.
7.      Grene E., Mezule G., Borisova G., Pumpens P., Bentwich Z., Arnon R. Relationship between antigenicity and  immunogenicity of chimeric core particles carrying HIV-1 epitopes. AIDS Res.  and Human Retroviruses, 13, 41-51, 1997.
8.      Kozlovska T.M., Cielens I., Vasiljeva I., Bundule M., Strelnikova A., Kazaks A.,  Dislers A., Dreilina D.,  Ose V., Gusars I., Pumpens P. Display vectors. II. Recombinant capsid of RNA bacteriophage Qbeta as a display moiety. Proc. Latv.Acad.Sci., 51 (N 1-2), 8-12, 1997.
9.      Koletzki D., Zankl A., Gelderblom H. R., Meisel H., Dislers A., Borisova G., Pumpens P., Krüger D.H., Ulrich R.  A new strategy for construction of chimeric „readthrough“ HBcAg particles in vaccine  development. J.Gen.Virol., 78, 2049-2053,  1997.
10.      Ulrich R., Koletzki D., Zankl A., Schulz A., Meisel H., Krüger D.H., Gelderblom H.R., Dislers A.,  Borisova G., Pumpens P.  A new strategy to generate HBcAg particles  presenting foreign epitopes. Vaccines-97, Ed. by F.Brown, D.Burton, P.Doherty, J.Mekalanos, E.Norrby. Cold Spring  Harbor Laboratory, 235-240 , 1997.
11.      Nekrasova O.V., Boichenko V.E. Boldyreva E.F., Borisova G.P., Pumpen P., Perevozchikova N.A.,  Korobko V.G. Bacterial synthesis of immunogenic epitopes of foot-and-mouth disease virus fused either to  human necrosis factor or to hepatitis B core antigen. Bioorg. Chem.  (RUSSIA),  23 (2), 118-126, 1997.
12.      Baumanis V., Jansone I., Skangals A., Mandrika I. and Berzins V.  Synthesis of recombinant atrial natriuretic peptide (rANP) using hybrid fusion protein-phage fr coat/ ANP (CP/ANP). Peptides, 18,(8), 1229-1235, 1997.
13.      Jorg Heyer, Burkhard Kneitz, Kai Schuh, Eriks Jankevics, Friederike Siebelt, Anneliese Schimpl,Edgar Serfling. Inefficient  Termination of Antigen Responses in NF-ATp-Deficient Mice. Immunobiol., vol.198, 162-169, 1997.
14.      Schuh K, Kneitz B, Heyer J, Siebelt F., Fischer C, Jankevics E, Rude e., Schmitt E., Schimpl A., Serfling E. NF-ATp plays prominent role in the transcriptional induction of Th2-type lymphokines. Immunol Lett  57 (1-3):171-5, 1997.
15.      Bruvere R., Heisele O., Feldmane G., Volrate A., Gabruseva N., Balodis V. Effect of pulse radio-frequence radiation on the functioning of the immune system. Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences , Nr. 5/6, 270-276, 1997.
16.      Zeltins A., Schrempf H., Specific Interaction of the Streptomyces chitin-binding protein CHB1 with - chitin: The role of individual tryptophain residues. Eur. J. Biochem., Vol. 246, 557-564, 1997.  
17.      Klovins J., Van Duin J., Olhstorn R., Rescue of the RNA phase genome from Rnase III cleavage. Nucl.Acids Res., 25, 4201-4208, 1997.
18.      Levitskaya J., Sharipo A., Leonchiks A., Ciechanover A., Masucci M.G. Inhibition of ubiquitin/proteasome-dependent protein degradation by the Gly-Ala repeat domain of the Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen 1. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Nov 11; 94(23):12616-12621, 1997.
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