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1.      Sobotta D., Sominskaya I., Heermann K.H., Kaluza G., Meisel H., Jansons J., Pumpens P.,  Schmitt S., Gerlich W.H. Mapping of immunodominant B-cell epitopes and the human serum albumin binding site in natural hepatitis B virus surface antigen of defined genosubtype. Journal of General Virology, Vol..81.   Nr. 2., 369-378, 2000.  
2.      Preikschat P, Kazaks A, Dishlers A, Pumpens P, Kruger DH, Meisel H Interaction of wild-type and naturally occurring deleted variants of hepatitis B virus core polypeptides leads to formation of mosaic particles. FEBS Lett. 478, 127-132, 2000.
3.      Cielens I, Ose V, Petrovskis I, Strelnikova A, Renhofa R, Kozlovska T, Pumpens P. Mutilation of RNA phage Qβ virus-like particles: from icosahedrons to rods. FEBS Lett.  482(3): 261-264, 2000.  
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7.      Erenpreisa Je., Ivanov A., Dekena G., Vitina., Krampe R., Freivalds T., Seli vanova G., Roach. H.I. Arrest in metaphase and anatomy of mitotic  catastrophe: mild heat shock in two human osteosarcomma cell lines. Cell Biology Intern. 24, 61-70, 2000.
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17.      Lielpetere I., Bruvere R., Heisele O., Volrate A., Feldmane G. The parameter of immune system of fire-fighters and security persons. Tev. Kolēģi, decembris, Nr.10, 2000.  
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19.      Mazarevica G., Freivalds T., Bruvere R. Gabruševa N., Leice A., Zvagule T. Changes in optimal properties of erythrocytes at different pH in Chernobyl clean-up workers. Scientific Problems of disaster Medicine and Emergency Medical Acid. Proceedings Acad. Sci. Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine, 509-516, 2000.
20.      Kalnina I., Bruvere R., Zvagule T., Gabruševa N., Heisele O., Volrate A., Feldmane G., Meirovics I. Physicall-chemical characteristics of leukocyte membranes in chernobyl clean-up workers from Latvia. Problems of Disaster Medicine and Emergency Medical Acid. Proceedings Acad. Sci. Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine, 517-522, 2000.
21.      Mazarevica G. Freivalds T., Brūvere R., Gabruševa N., Leice A., Zvagule T. Reactive properties of separate erythrocytes of Chernobyl cean-up workers at different pH-SPIE Proceedings. Optical Diagnostic of Living Cells III, SanJose, USA, vol.3921, 163-171, 2000.
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24.      Pjanova D. [Intracellular ds-RNA-activators or inhibitors of proteinkinaze R (PKR) Zinatniskie Raksti /AML/RSU, 105-110, 2000.
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26.      Vanags I., Sondore A., Daugulis E., Kokars I., Ose V., Ginekoloģiskās laparoskopijas anestezioloģiskā nodrošinājuma aktualitātes. Zinātniskie  Raksti /AML/RSU, 27-30, 2000.
27.      Erenpreisa Je., Cragg M., Ivanov A., Illidge T. Nuclear envelope limited    chromatin sheets in p53 mutated Burkitt lymphoma cell lines after DNA and sprindle damage. W. Mejbaum-Katzellenbogen Mol.Biol. Seminar, Wrozlav Cell&Mol. Biol. Letts 5, nr.2, 238, 2000.
28.      Erenpreisa Je., Cragg M., Alston R., Page A., Illidge T. Apoptotic polykaryons, chromatin diminution and survival mechanism in polyploid cells derived from p53  mutated lymphoma cell lines after genotoxic damage. Cell&Biol.Letts 5, nr.2, 236-237, 2000.
29.      Siray H., Fromel C.,  Voronkova T., Hahn S., Arnold W., Schneider-Mergener J., Schherneck S., Ulrich R. An Immunodominant, Cross-Reactive B-cell Epitope region IS Located at the C-Terminal Part of the Hamster polyomavirus Major Capsid Protein VP1. Viral Immunology 13, 533-545, 2000.
30.      Sylvin H., Matvienko O., Leonchiks A., Alving K., Van der Ploeg I.  Molecular cloning, expression, and purification of pig interleukin-5. Immunogenetics.51(1):59-64, 2000.
31.      Forsell K., Xing L., Kozlovska T., Cheng R.H., Garoff H. Membrane proteins organize a symmetrical virus. EMBO J. Oct 2;19(19):5081-91,2000.
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