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1.      Jankevica L., Kropa M., Savenkovs N., Jankevics E. Presence of nucleopolyhedroviruses in natural populations of Malacosoma neustria L. (Lepidoptera, Lasiocampidae) .2002., Latvijas Entomologs 39: 30-36.
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5.      Li L, Sharipo A, Chaves-Olarte E, Masucci MG, Levitsky V, Thelestam M, Frisan T. The Haemophilus ducreyi cytolethal distending toxin activates sensors of DNA damage and repair complexes in proliferating and non- proliferating cells. Cell Microbiol. 2002 Feb;4 (2):87-99.
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7.      Heessen S, Leonchiks A, Issaeva N, Sharipo A, Selivanova G, Masucci MG, Dantuma NP. Functional p53 chimeras containing the Epstein-Barr virus Gly-  Ala repeat are protected from Mdm2- and HPV-E6-induced proteolysis. Proc Natl Acad Sci. U S A. 2002 Feb 5; 99(3):1532-7.
8.      Williams NK, Prosselkov P, Liepinsh E, Line I, Sharipo A, Littler DR, Curmi PM, Otting G, Dixon NE. In vivo protein cyclization promoted by a circularly permuted Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 DnaB mini-intein. J Biol Chem. 2002 Mar 8;277(10):7790-8.
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17.      Jegerlehner A, Tissot A, Lechner F, Sebbel P, Erdmann I, Kundig T, Bachi T, Storni T, Jennings G, Pumpens P, Renner W, Bachmann M. A molecular assembly system that renders antigens of choice highly repetitive for induction of protective B cell responses. Vaccine 2002, 20(25-26): 3104-3112.  
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24.      Tracevska T., Jansone I., Broka L., Marga O., Baumanis V. Mutations in the rpoB and katG genes leading to drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis in  Latvia.  Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 2002,v.40,3789-3792
25.      Tracevska T., Baumanis V., Jansone I., Broka L., Marga O., T.Lillebaek. Prevalence of beijing genotype in Latvian multi-drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates. International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung disease . Inpress.2002.
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33.      Klovins, J., Overbeek, G. P., van den Worm, S. H., Ackermann, H. W., and van Duin, J. (2002) Nucleotide sequence of a ssRNA phage from Acinetobacter: kinship to coliphages, J Gen Virol 83, 1523-1533.
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