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1.      Andris Kazaks, Galina Borisova, Svetlana Cvetkova, Larisa Kovalevska, Velta Ose, Irina Sominskaya, Paul Pumpens, Dace Skrastina, Andris Dishlers.Mosaic hepatitis B core particles presenting complete preS sequence of viral envelope on their surface. Iesniegts žurnālam J.Gen. Virol.  
2.      Klovins J, Haitina T, Fridmanis D, Kilianova Z, Kapa I, Fredriksson R,Gallo-Payet N, Schioth HB . The Melanocortin System in Fugu: Determination of POMC/AGRP/MCR Gene Repertoire and Synteny, as Well as Pharmacology and Anatomical Distribution of the MCRs. Mol Biol Evol. 21, 563-579,2004.
3.      Kazaks A., Borisova G., Cvetkova S., Kovalevska L., Ose V., Sominskaya I., Pumpens P., Skrastina D., Dishlers A. Mosaic hepatitis B core particles presenting complete preS sequence of viral envelope on their surface. J.Gen.Virol., in print, 2004.
4.      Geldmacher A., Skrastina D., Petrovskis I., Borisova G., Berriman J.A., Roseman A.M.,Crowther R.A., Fischer J., Musema S., Gelderblom H.R., Renhofa R., Ose V., Kruger D.H., Pumpens P., Ulrich R. An amino-terminal segment of hantavirus nucleocapsid protein presented on hepatitis B virus core particles induces a strong and highly crossreactive antibody response in mice. Virology, in print, 2004.
5.      Sominskaya I., Mihailova M., Jansons J., Emelyanova V., Folkmane I., Shmagris E., Dumpis U., Rozentals R., Pumpens P. Variants of hepatitis B and C viruses in long-term immunosuppressed renal transplantation patients. Intervirology, submitted, 2004.
6.      Bruvere R., Braun S., zajakina A., Aleksejeva E., Sharipo A., Meisel H., Pumpens P., Kozlovska T.Subcellular localisation of internally deleted HBV core proteins. Acta Universitatis Latviensis, 2004., submitted.
7.      Kozlovsaka T., Zajakina A., Ose V., Bruvere R., Aleksejeva J., Pumpens P., Garoff H. Synthesis of all Hepatitis B structural proteins in Semliki Forest virus expression system. Acta Universitatis Latviensis, 2004, submitted.  
8.      Haitina, T., Klovins, J., Andersson, J., Fredriksson, R., Lagerstrom, M. C., Larhammar, D., Larson, E. T., and Schioth, H. B. (2004) Cloning, tissue distribution, pharmacology and three-dimensional modelling of melanocortin receptors 4 and 5 in rainbow trout suggest close evolutionary relationship of these subtypes, Biochem J 380, 475-486.
9.      Klovins, J., Haitina, T., Ringholm, A., Lowgren, M., Fridmanis, D., Slaidina, M., Stier, S., and Schioth, H. B. (2004) Cloning of two melanocortin (MC) receptors in spiny dogfish: MC3 receptor in cartilaginous fish shows high affinity to ACTH-derived peptides while it has lower preference to gamma-MSH, Eur J Biochem 271, 4320-4331.
10.      Ringholm, A., Klovins, J., Rudzish, R., Phillips, S., Rees, J. L., and Schioth, H. B. (2004) Pharmacological characterization of loss of function mutations of the human melanocortin 1 receptor that are associated with red hair, J Invest Dermatol 123, 917-923.
11. Podskochy A, Koulikovska M, Fagerholm P, van der Ploeg I.  Biglycan gene expression in UVR-exposed rabbit corneas. Acta Ophthalmol Scand. 2004 Apr;82(2):200-4.
12. Pintacuda G, Moshref A, Leonchiks A, Sharipo A, Otting G.
 Site-specific labelling with a metal chelator for protein-structure refinement.
J Biomol NMR. 2004 Jul;29(3):351-61.
13. Zajakina A, Kozlovska T, Bruvere R, Aleksejeva J, Pumpens P, Garoff H.
 Translation of hepatitis B virus (HBV) surface proteins from the HBV pregenome
and precore RNAs in Semliki Forest virus-driven expression. J Gen Virol. 2004 Nov;85(Pt 11):3343-51.  
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