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1.      Sominskaya I., Mihailova M., Jansons J., Emelyanova V., Folkmane I., Shmagris  E., Dumpis U., Rozentals R., Pumpens P. Hepatitis B and C viruses in long-term   immunosuppressed renal transplantation patients in Latvia. Intervirology, 48, 192-200, 2005.  
2.      Geldmacher A., Skrastina D., Petrovskis I., Borisova G., Kruger D.H., Pumpens P., Ulrich R. A hantavirus nucleocapsid protein segment presented on hepatitis B virus core particles is highly immunogenic in mice when applied without adjuvants and in the presence of preexsting antibodies against core. Vaccine, 23, 3973-3983, 2005.  
3.      Ling S., Lai A., Borschukova O., Pumpens P., Holoshitz J. Activation of a prooxidative signal transduction pathway by the rheumatoid arthritis shared epitope. Nature medicine, 2005, submitted.
4.      Ulrich R., Gedvilaine A., Kazaks A., Lomonossoff G., Sasnauskas K., Pumpens P. Virus-like particles: Tools for basic and applied research.Virus genes, prepared for submission.
5.      Balmaks R., Freivalds J., Pumpēns P., Kazāks A. Tumor-asociēto antigānu inkorporācija vīrusveidīgās daļiņās. Iesniegts LU Raksti, pieņemts 2005.
6.      Schwarz K., Meijerink E., Speiser DE, Tissot AC, Cielens I., Renhof R., Dishlers A., Pumpens P., Bachmann MF. Efficient homologous prime-boost strategies for T cell vaccination based on virus-like particles. Eur j. Immunol. 2005; 35(3);816-821.
7.      Freivalds J., Dislers A., Ose V., Skrastina D., Cielens I., Pumpens P., Sasnauskas K., Kazaks A. Assembly of bacteriophage Qb birus-like particles in yeast  Saccharomuces cerevisiae and Pichia pastoris. J.Biotechnol., 2005, accepted.
8.      Mihailova M, Boos M, Petrovskis I, Ose O, Skrastina D, Fiedler M, Sominskaya I, Baumert T, Ross S, Khudyakov Y, Pumpens P, Roggendorf M, Viazov S. Recombinant virus-like particles as a carrier of B-and T-cell epitopes of hepatitis c virus (HCV). J.Gen.Virol., prepared for submission.
9.      Voronkova T., Kazaks A., OseV., Ozel M, Scherneck S., Pumpens P., Ulrich R. Hamster polyomavirus-derived virus-like particles are able to transfer in vitro encapsidated plasmid DNA to mammalian cells. Virus genes, 2005, submitted.
10.      Braun S., Zajakina A., Alekseeva E., Sharipo A., Bruvere R., Meisel H., Pumpens P., Kozlovska T. Proteasomal degradation of HBV core protein from naturally occurring internally deleted core gene variants.J.Gen.Virol., prepared for submittion.
11.      Shestakova i., Domrecheva I., Shkutele S, Ose-Klinklava V.,Renhofa R. interaction of mosaic virus-like particles carrying HBV preSsequences with cell surface in cultures: Do these epitopes work as specific addresses? Cell Biology international, 29, 1110-1111,34-P3, 2005.
12.      Shkutele S., Cielens I., Skrastina D., Renhofa R.development of mosaic virus-like particles on base of RNA phase Qb coat and HBV preS sequences. Cell Biology international, 29, 1111, 35-P3, 2005.
13.      Zvirbliene A., Samonskyte L., Gedvilaite A., Voronkova T., Ulrich R., Sasnauskas K. Generation of monoclonal antibodies of desired specificity using chimeric polyomavirus-derived virus- like particles. I.Immunol. methods.Accepted.
14.      Kalejs M., Erenpreisa Je. Cancer/testis antigenes and ploidy cycles. A review with brain storming. Cancer Cell Int 2005, 5:4(online).
15.      Erenpreisa Je., Kalejs M., Ianzini F, Kosmacek EA, Mackey MA, Emzinsh D, Cragg MS, Ivanov A, Illidge TM. Segregation of genomes in polyploid tumour cells following mitotic catastrophe. Cell Biol. Int, 2005, 29:1005-1011.
16.      Erenpreisa Je, kalejs M, Cragg M. Mitotic catastrophe and endomitosis in tumour cell: An evolutionary key to a molecular solution. Cell Biol.Int 2005, 29: 1012-1018.
17.      Erenpreisa Je. And Wheatley D. endopolyploidy in development and cancer; “survival of the fattest “. Cell Biol Int.,2005, 29:981-982.
18.      Kalejs M, Ivanov A, Plakhins G, Cragg MS, Emzins Dz, Illidge TM, Erenpreisa Je. Upregulation of meiosis-specific genes in lymphoma cell lines following genotoxic insult and the induction of mitotic catastrophe. BMC Cancer, 2005, accepted.
19.      Sominskaya I, Alekseeva E, Skrastina D, Mokhonov V, Starodubova E, Jansons J, Levi M, Prilipov A, Kozlovska T, Smirnov V, Pumpens P, Isaguliants M. Signal Sequences Modulate the Immunogenic performance of Human Hepatitis C virus E2 Gene. Molecular Immunology, 2005, accepted.  
20.      Kalnina Z., Silina K., Zajakin P., Line A. Alterations of pre-mRNA splicing in cancer. Genes, Cromosomes&Cancer, 42(4):342-57, 2005
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23.      Lagerstrom, M. C., Fredriksson, R., Bjarnadottir, T. K., Fridmanis, D., Holmquist, T., Andersson, J., Yan, Y. L., Raudsepp, T., Zoorob, R., Kukkonen, J. P., Lundin, L. G., Klovins, J., Chowdhary, B. P., Postlethwait, J. H., and Schioth, H. B. (2005) Origin of the prolactin-releasing hormone (PRLH) receptors: evidence of coevolution between PRLH and a redundant neuropeptide Y receptor during vertebrate evolution, Genomics 85, 688-703.
24.      Petrovska, R., Kapa, I., Klovins, J., Schioth, H. B., and Uhlen, S. (2005) Addition of a signal peptide sequence to the alpha1D-adrenoceptor gene increases the density of receptors, as determined by [3H]-prazosin binding in the membranes, Br J Pharmacol 144, 651-659.
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26.      Schioth, H. B., Haitina, T., Ling, M. K., Ringholm, A., Fredriksson, R., Cerda-Reverter, J. M., and Klovins, J. (2005) Evolutionary conservation of the structural, pharmacological, and genomic characteristics of the melanocortin receptor subtypes, Peptides 26, 1886-1900.
27. Koulikovska M, Podskochy A, Fagerholm P.
 The expression pattern of the subunit of chaperonin containing T-complex
polypeptide 1 and its substrate, alpha-smooth muscle actin, during corneal wound
Acta Ophthalmol Scand. 2005 Oct;83(5):543-8.
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