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Laima Tihomirova (Read 9003 times)
Laima Tihomirova
16.03.2007 at 12:35:42
The group of cancer genetics is interested in the characterization of genetic alterations associated with most prevalent inherited cancers in Latvian patients.  The studies are carried out in close collaboration with Latvian oncology center.
The spectrum of mutations in the BRCA1 gene has been described in breast and ovarian cancer patients from Latvia and characterization of other cancer-associated genes in other cancers is continued.  
At present we are working as well to find out more information about the role of genetic background in the disease and to improve the possible recommendations for cancer patients and healthy carriers of cancer predisposing mutations.
Laima Tihomirova, Dr.biol.
Olga Sinicka, PhD student
Silvija Skudra, technician
Main publications:
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